Final Survey Results

Dear 2010 Conference participants, friends and colleagues,

After the Braga conference, the Local Organizing Committee has
prepared an online survey (until the 15th of August) to receive the
feedback from participants in the Braga Conference. This was important
for us and hopefully it will also contribute to the organization of
future conferences. The data has now been treated and the results can be
accessed by clicking on the text.

We are most grateful for your generous feedback expressed through the
survey and in many messages that were sent directly to us and to
colleagues and students involved in the organization.

We would like to take this opportunity to compliment the organizers of
the Istanbul 2011 Conference, namely the team's Coordinator, Prof.
Deniz Bayrakdar, and to wish them the best of luck!

We look forward to meeting you all again in Istanbul!

The Local Organizing Committee

Manuel Pinto and Helena Sousa


16-07-2010 Picking up and use of the conference badge

The conference badge can be picked up: - from 3 p.m. in Theatro Circo where the Opening Ceremony will take place at 6’oclock (city centre) - from 8 a.m. on the 19 July until the end of the conference in CP 2, Campus de Gualtar, University of Minho Read more—

14-07-2010 Equipment available in parallel sessions’ rooms

Rules for using the equipment in parallel sessions' rooms: software, hardware and other technical indications. Read more—

14-07-2010 Abstracts on-line

You can now access the conference abstracts through the menu, where links are available for each sector. Altogether there are 1351 papers. The abstracts are presented here in the exact form as they were submitted through the OCS system by their authors. Read more—

09-07-2010 IAMCR WiFi Network Access

You can access the conference WiFi network on your own computer, it is simply needed to follow the steps for the configuration. Read more—

08-07-2010 Conference Blog in operation

The conference blog is already active: Maintained by student volunteers it will be an information hub for those attending the event and for those who are unable to travel to Braga. Read more—

08-07-2010 IAMCR on Facebook

Following the theme of the conference, LOC bet on strong participatory dimension which in addition to classroom discussions, will also be based on social networking. Thus, participants and those who follow the coverage at distance may resort to Facebook. Read more—

08-07-2010 IAMCR on Twitter

You can also follow the proceedings of IAMCR' 2010 conference via Twitter. Read more—

16-06-2010 General Assembly Agenda

The draft of the General Assembly Agenda is now online. The event will take place in the Auditorium B1 (CP 2) at 4.30pm, 22 July, right before the Closing Ceremony. Read more—

11-06-2010 Reviewed Programmes

Plenary and parallel sessions have been reviewed and you have now more updated information here. You can also look at the latest on the Social Programme. Cees Hamelink Jazz Band, The Burgundian Combo, is also performing with us! Read more—

21-05-2010 Early booking of hotel and flight

More than 1000 have already registered for the Braga 2010 IAMCR conference! Please remember that Portugal is a touristic country and Braga is a relatively small city. Read more—

22-05-2010 Conference Social Programme

The IAMCR conference in Braga has a lively social programme from the first to the very last day. Don’t miss the Opening Ceremony! The "Duo Maria João e Mário Laginha - 'Chocolate'" will be performing for us. Read more—

23-04-2010 Opening Ceremony in Theatro Circo

The conference Official Opening Ceremony will take place on 18 July at 6pm in the Braga’s main theatre (Theatro Circo), right in the city centre, close to hotels, historic sites, restaurants and shops. Read more—

19-04-2010 TAP offers discounts to participants

TAP Portugal has agreed with the organizing committee for the conference IAMCR to be held in Braga, to offer a discount to the participants who make their flight booking and buy their ticket exclusively through TAP Portugal’s website. Read more—

23-04-2010 Full papers: deadline extended to 1st June

Having received numerous requests from authors and from Heads of Sections and Working Groups, IAMCR has extended the deadline for submission of full papers. The new deadline is 1 June 2010. Read more—

Mesa IAMCR México

29-07-2009 IAMCR'10 presented in Mexico

The 28th annual conference of IAMCR ended last Friday (July 24), in Mexico City, with the presentation of the university and the country that in 2010, will receive the next edition (University of Minho, Braga, Portugal). Read more—

Annabelle Sreberny

14-07-2009 Annabelle Sreberny visits the University of Minho

The President of the IAMCR, Annabelle Sreberny, has visited the University of Minho on the 9th of July to meet the Local Organizing Committee and to visit the facilities for the next year conference. Read more—

Entrada principal UM (C 2)

03-07-2009 IAMCR in Portugal: Public Announcement

On the 13th May 2009, the IAMCR has publicly announced that the 2010 conference would take place, for the first time, in Portugal. Read more—