The traditional processes of organization mostly relies in simple email interchange but are affected by the limited size of mailboxes and spam filters. Due to the massive proliferation of e-mail messages from several purposes and contents, the organization of major events requires a more reliable and efficient management system.

The Open Conference System (OCS) is a versatile platform for conference management that covers almost every situation: submission of abstracts and full papers, blind peer-reviewing and online publication, scheduling of the activities and programme on the OCS' conference website. It's a very efficient all-in-one solution that also includes an email service for editorial correspondence between registered users: some of the messages are automatic notifications based on previously edited templates. It also enhances collaborative work by providing a full blind-review support for section coordinators based on reviewer form.

Because it is web-based, the OCS is an online centralized system that is more reliable than other method. All processes within the conference are recorded on database so every participant can closely monitor the activities related to their respective roles, and that fits for authors, section coordinators, reviewers and website management. For example, submission can be easily edited for corrections by the author or changed to a more appropriate section by the coordinator.
The database feature also allows searchable capabilities available for all users regarding contacts, abstracts, papers or post conference proceedings. Last but certainly not least, the OCS safeguards the whole conference in security backups which also preserves the memorial and archival dimensions.