• To reach Braga from other countries, the best way is using Oporto's airport (called Francisco Sá Carneiro). Oporto airport is at 45km from Braga city centre.
  • Clicking here, you can see the airline companys who operate to Oporto's airport.
  • IAMCR'2010: TAP offers discount to participants
    TAP Portugal has agreed with the organizing committee for the conference IAMCR to be held in Braga, to offer a discount to the participants who make their flight booking and buy their ticket exclusively through TAP Portugal's website. Read more

  • There will be a shuttle bus service (based on the expected IAMCR participants’ flows) from the airport to hotels in Braga.

  • If you want to take public transport to Braga, the best option is to combine metro and train. At the airport, you should take the Metro line E (violet) directly to Campanhã (train station in OPorto).  This trip should cost you around 2€. In Campanhã, you can get a train to Braga (Braga centre is the very last stop).  Prices vary from 2,5 € up to 12 (fast trains are the most expensive)

  • The fastest option (there is a highway) to get to Braga is by taxi (right outside the airport) but it costs around 55/60€ (there are extra-chargers for luggage, night hours and weekends/bank holidays). You can try to find someone to share the drive at the IAMCR desk at the airport.  If you need a receipt, try "recibo, por favor".

  • There are also fast trains between Lisbon and Braga (stopping in Oporto). It takes around 3,5 hours (350km).

  • In Braga, there is a bus network covering the entire city. However, in order to respond to specific conference needs, there will be routes designed according to the conference flows.

  • A taxi ride from central Braga and Bom Jesus/Sameiro (where most hotels are located) to the University Campus (where the conference will take place) costs around 5€.


  • The airport of Vigo, Spain, lies 110 km from Braga. Participants using this airport have three options for travel to Braga:

 - Train: Catch the train in Vigo, make the transhipment station Nine (now Portugal) and follow to Braga.

Schedules available:
- Depart Vigo (7:40) - Arrival Nine (9:09): price - 11,15€
Depart Nine (9:13) - Arrival Braga (9:25): Price - 1,40€
- Depart Vigo (19:42) - Arrival Nine (21:13): price - 11,15€
Depart Nine (21:38) - Arrival Braga (21:58): Price - 1,40€

- Bus:
Vigo (12:00) - Braga (14:30) - 10 €
Vigo (23:15) - Braga (01:30) - 10 €
Other information:

- Taxi: Approximate cost € 100 (to be added to supplement and baggage rate of 20% in night service)