University of Minho
The University of Minho has a student population of 16.000 (2.000 are postgraduate). The University has 1.200 teachers and 600 administrative and technical staff.  The European Universities Association considered the University a case study of good practices at the European level. In the most recent evaluation process by The Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT), 19 out of 29 University Research Units were classified ´Excellent´ or ´Very Good´ by International Evaluation Panels, placing the University on the top of the Portuguese Universities.

The University of Minho has one campus in Braga and another one in the UNESCO world heritage city of Guimarães, 20 km away. Braga is known as the Rome of Portugal due to its numerous baroque churches. Its cathedral, built in the 12th century, is the oldest in the country. Oporto, Braga and Guimarães constitute an appealing touristic triangle.

The conference will take place in three nearby buildings in the centre of the Gualtar campus (Pedagogic Complex 1, Pedagogic Complex 2 and Pedagogic Complex 3).

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